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Monday, 30 September 2013 Thoroughly Updated

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RegexBuddy 4 was released earlier this month. This is a major upgrade that significantly improves RegexBuddy’s ability to emulate the features and deficiencies of the latest versions of all the popular regex flavors as well as many past versions of these flavors.

Along with that, the website has been thoroughly updated with new content. Both the tutorial and reference sections have been significantly expanded to cover all the features of the latest regular expression flavors. There are also new tutorial and reference subsections that explain the syntax used by replacement strings when searching and replacing with regular expressions.

I’m also reviving this blog. In the coming weeks you can expect blog post that highlight the new topics on the website. Later on I’ll blog about more intricate regex-related issues that RegexBuddy 4 emulates but that the website doesn’t talk about or only mentions in passing. RegexBuddy 4.0.0 is aware of 574 different aspects (syntactic and behavioral differences) of 94 regular expression flavors. These numbers are surely to grow with future 4.x.x releases. While RegexBuddy juggles it all with ease, that’s far too much detail to cover in a tutorial or reference that any person would want to read. So the tutorial and reference cover the important features and behaviors, while the blog will serve the corner cases as tidbits. Subscribe to the Regex Guru RSS Feed if you don’t want to miss any articles.

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