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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Regular Expressions Cookbook Ebook Deal of the Day

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Every day O’Reilly has an “ebook deal of the day” offering one or a bunch of their books in electronic format for only $9.99. Twice this year I received an email from O’Reilly notifying me that Regular Expressions Cookbook was on sale. But each time the email was sent on the morning of the day itself. When it’s morning in California it’s already bedtime for me here in Thailand. So I never saw the emails until the next day, making it rather pointless to blog about the deal.

But this time O’Reilly has listened to my request for advance notification. I just got an email this morning saying Regular Expressions Cookbook will be part of the Ebook Deal of the Day for 15 September 2010. That’s 15 September on the US west coast. When I write this there’s a few hours to go before the deal starts at one past midnight California time. You can get any O’Reilly Cookbook as an ebook for only $9.99. The normal price for Regular Expressons Cookbook as an ebook is $31.99. The download includes the book in PDF, ePub, Mobi (for Kindle), DAISY, and Android formats.

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