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Monday, 21 June 2010

Regulární výrazy—Kuchařka programátora

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I received my author copy of “Regulární výrazy—Kuchařka programátora” last week. This is the Czech translation of Regular Expressions Cookbook. You can buy Regulární výrazy Kuchařka programátora from the publisher or any bookstore that sells Czech language books. Ask for ISBN 978-80-251-1935-8.

While the Russian, German, and Japanese translations are full translations, the Czech translation is an abridged translation. It has only 7 chapters compared to 8 with the original English edition. The last chapter, “Markup and Data Interchange”, was omitted. This chapter has examples on using regular expressions on HTML and XML files and demonstrates some more complex regex techniques. All the other chapters were translated completely.

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