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Monday, 17 August 2009

Kindle Edition of Regular Expressions Cookbook

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When Regular Expressions Cookbook was published, I was told by O’Reilly that a Kindle edition would be unlikely, due to the special formatting we use in the book for regular expressions. It seems that those technical difficulties have been overcome, as Amazon now offers a Kindle edition of Regular Expressions Cookbook. I presume the formatting of the Kindle edition won’t be identical to the printed book. I don’t have a Kindle, iPod, or iPhone, so I can’t check.

When I write this, Amazon lists the Kindle edition for $17.59. That’s the lowest price for the book I’ve seen to date. You need a Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch to be able to read the Kindle edition. Amazon sells the printed book for $29.70, while O’Reilly sells a DRM-free PDF for $31.99 and the printed book for $44.99.

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