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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Windows PowerShell

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Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s shell scripting language, based on the .NET framework. I’ve added an article to explaining how to use regular expressions with Windows PowerShell. RegexBuddy 3.2.0 now supports PowerShell strings and PowerShell source code snippets.

Since PowerShell is built on top of the .NET framework, .NET’s excellent regular expression support is also available to PowerShell programmers. PowerShell has special -match and -replace operators. These allow you to do the most common pattern matching and replacement jobs with PowerShell’s typical CmdLet and operator syntax.

For other functionality, such as splitting a string or replacing with a MatchEvaluator, you need to instantiate System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex. One constructor of the Regex class is available through the shortcut [regex]. This constructor takes one parameter with your regex as a string. The Regex object allows you to do anything with regular expressions in PowerShell as in any other .NET language.

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